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Where an innovative “fabric first” approach to residential retro-fitting has been taken.

Marlborough Close showcases Annington’s visionary sustainable approach and future-focused ecological philosophy. Cutting-edge, energy-efficient technology is harnessed in every aspect of all five properties.

At the heart of it all, innovative air source heat pumps warm each home without the carbon emissions associated with conventional central heating. 

Augmented by energy efficient windows and doors, industry-leading levels of insulation and thermal upgrades help lock in the warmth, from the 50mm insulated render to outside walls to an additional 400mm of roof insulation.

Mixergy Smart Cylinders, meanwhile, provide up to 20% more useable hot water than conventional cylinders of the same volume, heating only the water you need and minimising energy wastage. 

Each home is powered to the tune of 5.6kwh by 14 roof-mounted photo-voltaic solar panels, further reducing the impact on the environment and your utility bills. These gains are enhanced by the installation of energy-saving built-in appliances and charging points for electric vehicles. 

The Mixergy cylinder is up to

20% more efficient

than conventional tanks, delivering the hot water you need with less energy.

British Gas Mixergy hot water tank | British Gas

Based on the retrofit enhancements made to the homes at Marlborough Close, household bills could be

significantly reduced.

Ofgem average gas & electricity usage | Ofgem

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